Brewed in Australia andout now.

Big Drop. Ultra-low alcohol beers available in Australia

We brew award-winning craft beer in Melbourne. It just so happens to be ultra-low in alcohol. So, whether you’re looking to cut down, cut out or just try something new, Big Drop has crafted a great beer for beer lovers.

A picture of Big Drop Brewing Co's alcohol-free Pale Ale can

Pine Trail Pale Ale

Ultra-low Pale Ale. Brewed in Melbourne. A delight for the senses, this beer delivers on all levels. Rosy floral aromas are immediate as you pour, with a light and limey citrus bite on the palate and a balanced but obvious bitterness to finish. Store and enjoy chilled.

A picture of Big Drop Brewing Co's alcohol-free craft lager can

Uptown Craft Lager

Ultra-low Craft Lager. Brewed in Melbourne. Easy drinking, full-flavoured but elegant. Light herbal and floral hop aromas, a hint of caramel with peppered spiciness on the palate and a touch of orange at the end. Store and enjoy chilled.